14 July 2022

Digital Services Package adopted by the European Parliament

The European Parliament has adopted in first reading the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, which were proposed by the European Commission in December 2020. The new laws introduce greater accountability of online platforms for their activities.
12 July 2022

European Commission unveils new European Innovation Agenda

The new European Innovation Program is another step toward strengthening Europe in the area of innovation. The goal of the new plan is to develop a leadership position in the development of new technologies at the global level.
28 May 2022

Startup or classic business – Defining characteristics in the context of e-commerce

From the article you will learn what currently distinguishes startup businesses from classic businesses, i.e. what are the defining characteristics of these businesses in the context of e-commerce
12 July 2021

Big capital for European startups in the first six months of 2021

In the first half of this year, startups from Europe raised venture capital of 43.8 billion euros. Thus, after only 6 months it was possible to surpass the record of 38 billion euros reached in the entire year 2020.
12 July 2021

Another CEF program with a budget of 33.71 billion euros for 2021-2027

Investment in transport, energy and digital (telecommunications) infrastructure are the objectives under the next Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The budget for 2021-2027 is €33.71 billion.
12 July 2021

Increasingly better electronic communication in the European Union

More and more Europeans are enjoying widespread access to electronic communication tools, according to a new EU-wide survey (Eurobarometer) on the use of electronic communications services.
7 June 2021

Contemporary digital skills (competencies) – Career and business

Learn what modern digital skills are and what they mean for career and/or business, especially regarding the European Commission’s digital strategy.
9 May 2021

Startup Nations Standard – To strengthen European startups

In the article you will learn what the Startup Nations Standard (SNS) initiative within the European Union is and how it is supposed to contribute to strengthening startups created in the EU Member States
9 May 2021

Europe’s Digital Decade – Technology at the service of modern Europe

In the article you will learn what the digital decade of Europe is within the European Commission's digital strategy and what are the basic assumptions and goals of digitization to be implemented in the European Union in the years 2021-2030
6 May 2021

E-business and e-marketing in cross-border practice

In the article you will learn how the development of the Internet from the business and sales side shapes modern professional and business competences, also in a cross-border perspective