Building a professional online presence for companies, organizations and public institutions

We will help you launch and optimize a professional online presence in line with the 6C Strategy model

Ordering a project

You can submit your request for launching or optimizing your professional online presence (for companies, organizations and public institutions) via the form or by phone. We will contact you to discuss the details. Support in building a professional web presence is a paid service.

Project analysis and preparation

Each project of launching or optimizing a professional web presence from the technical point of view is individualized according to the needs of a given company, organization or public institution. Together we determine the needs and on this basis we design a "sales" system which is the foundation of the 6C Strategy model.

Project implementation

We implement the project of launching or optimizing the web presence according to the accepted project. Most "sales" system building projects are based on WordPress content management system, which we use to launch stores and websites.

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