Audit of professional online presence for companies, organisations and public institutions

We will help you assess whether your online presence meets the criteria for a professional presence based on the 6C Strategy model

Requesting an audit

You can submit your request for an audit of a company, organization or public institution in terms of having a professional online presence by filling out the form or by phone. We will contact you to discuss the details. Audit is a paid service.

Web presence analysis

A professional web presence is based on several key elements that are best defined by the 6C Strategy model. We will thoroughly review all of these elements as part of your current corporate, organizational or public presence.

Discussion of analysis results

You will receive the results of our audit in the form of a paper and electronic report. You will find there detailed information about the current online presence of your company, organization or public institution, along with recommendations for optimization in accordance with the 6C Strategy model. We discuss the results directly at a meeting.

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