Increasingly better electronic communication in the European Union

More and more Europeans are enjoying widespread access to electronic communication tools, according to a new EU-wide survey (Eurobarometer) on the use of electronic communications services.

Nearly all EU citizens (96%) own a cell phone, and more than half (53%) also have a fixed phone. As many as 82% of households have access to the Internet, with more than 80% satisfied with the speed of downloading (81%) and uploading (82%) data online. This is especially true for urban residents, while satisfaction in rural areas is slightly lower (77%). Compared to the previous survey conducted in 2017, this is a big improvement, as back then more than half of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with slow data transfer speeds.

The latest survey was conducted in November-December 2020 and February-March 2021. The survey involved 27213 citizens from the 27 EU Member States. Europeans were asked about internet access, fixed and cell phones, the issue of fraudulent calls and SMS, roaming, international calls between EU countries, emergency communications, information on the environmental impact of electronic communications, and pandemic subscriptions.


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