European Commission unveils new European Innovation Agenda

The new European Innovation Program is another step toward strengthening Europe in the area of innovation. The goal of the new plan is to develop a leadership position in the development of new technologies at the global level.

Strengthening startups and developing deep tech are the priorities of the new initiative presented by the European Commission. The program envisages laying the right foundations for an effective and long-term solution to society’s most significant challenges, among which are climate change, cybercrime, food availability, energy problems and the health of Europeans.

In particular, the new program is expected to increase startups’ (and scaleups’) access to broad funding, improve opportunities for testing new ideas by creating regulations for experimental environments, accelerate the creation of so-called “innovation valleys” of regional character, contribute to retaining “talent” in Europe through additional training, and support women’s innovation.

Within the framework of the new strategy, 25 special actions are planned from 5 key areas: financing scaleups, supporting innovation through experimental environments and public procurement, accelerating innovation in regional ecosystems, developing deep tech “talent” and improving policy-making tools.


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