European Institute for E-commerce (EECOM) is a research and teaching unit

We explore the e-commerce and e-business space. We offer knowledge and service in one

Przemysław Jóskowiak, PhD


Founder of the EECOM Institute (European Institute for E-commerce), owner of Stratego24, practitioner with years of experience, author of know-how courses with comprehensive e-commerce knowledge to build a professional presence in the network, author of the e-learning platform, Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw (UW), lecturer and trainer at the UW Open University, expert of the UW Incubator...

Katarzyna Stroińska

Marketing director at EECOM

Digital marketing expert, many years of experience in conducting marketing and promotional activities, both social media activities and promotional campaigns, in the medical industry and beyond, specialises in positioning brands and businesses in social media, many years of experience in implementing educational projects and e-learning platforms, author of know-how courses on the use of social media in marketing and business strategy